The Cost of Corrosion and How to Mitigate It.


Our Latest Blog Post on Rust in Residential Settings

There are many ways that you can prevent rust in your home, the simplest way is to use metal products that are designed to be rust resistant.

One of the simplest ways to prevent rust is the use of galvanized products. Galvanized steel has been coated with zinc or cadmium, which provides resistance against rusting. Fasteners, I.E: nuts, bolts, nails, brackets, hangers etc. that are going to be used outside, or in a damp area of your home, should be galvanized. Galvanized fasteners are available in any home improvement store or hardware store. These products are easy to identify by the matte grey coating that they have on them. It is important to realize, that while galvanization prevents rust, the coating will wear off over time, particularly at the seams and joints where the coating has been compromised.


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