The Cost of Corrosion and How to Mitigate It.

Corrosion Costs? $276  Billion!!

In new studies undertaken by independent agencies, the cost of corrosion in commercial, residential and transportation has been estimated at a whopping 276 billion dollars per  year.

Corrosion affects things like shipping, making  your shipping costs and the costs of goods higher. It can affect items such as furnaces and air conditioning, raising the cost of home ownership and home maintenance dramatically.

New technologies and new products are entering the marketplace that can help to control the costs of corrosion for the business owner and home owner. Plastics, polymers and coatings on the market today offer relief for the cost of corrosion, but how do they play into the environment?

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Commercial Corrosion brings added expense to goods. 

From the railroad ticket you just purchased to the plane ride to your sister’s wedding to an article that you ordered from overseas, commecial corrosion can affect the cost of shipping, transportation and even the meal at your favorite restaurant. 

Find out how corrosion affects your lifestyle and the cost of goods and services that you purchase every day.

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Does corrosion affect your home life and your costs?.

Your piping for many utilities is made of various type sof metal. In many cases that metal is subject to corrosion. Pipelines carrying oil to heat your home and business and power your car are subject to the same corrosion.

The new air conditioner that you put in your home a few years ago is also subject to the same problems and can add costs to home ownership.

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Control Strategies

Different control strategies exist to help you to control costs and to ensure that corrosion doesn’t take place.

In many cases these control strategies can save time and can save money for the company or the residence involved, but there are some other considerations too.

Things like plastics and polymers are often used in place of metals that can rust, but the cost to the environment must also be measured when these type goods are being used.

Additionally there are coatings that can enter into play to help to control the corrosion that costs us money.

Each type of corrective measure has both positive and negative connotations. They can save money, but the environmental changes they bring to bear are also something to consider.

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